What is a tributary watershed?2020-12-30T15:26:41+00:00

The land area that drains to one of the smaller streams that flow to the main channel of the watershed (i.e., Kidd Gully’s tributary watershed ultimately flows into Taylor’s Bayou).

What is a watershed?2020-12-30T14:13:40+00:00

A watershed is the land area that ultimately drains rainfall runoff to a common outlet point, typically a creek or bayou in Jefferson County. If your home is located in the Taylor’s Bayou Watershed, rain that falls on your house will eventually end up in the Gulf of Mexico. Mother Nature designs and builds watersheds, largely determined by the topography or “lay” of the land. Jefferson County has three (3) major watersheds.

Maintenance – Frequently Asked Questions


DD6 has more than 1,247 miles of predominately grass-lined bayous, creeks and manmade drainage channels in the district. Of which DD6 maintains nearly 785 miles of along with 37 large stormwater detention basin sites in Jefferson County.

Our regular maintenance program includes mowing, selective clearing, hazardous tree removal, herbicide application in agricultural areas, tree pruning, care of concrete linings,and removing sediment and foreign materials that build up in our channelspotentially affecting their ability to efficiently convey stormwater.

HOW OFTEN DOES DD6 MOW?2020-12-30T15:29:41+00:00

Channels and stormwater detention basins: Three times during the April-November growing season

  • Buyout lots: As needed to keep vegetation under 24 inches
  • Multi-Service Areas: As needed to keep vegetation under 24 inches
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